The following resources offer information and guidance for those seeking a better understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A better understanding of ASD is a small but impactful first step toward LOVEHOPE, and ACCEPTANCE in the global community.


Love – We believe LOVE is the strongest healing power in the universe. The most important and effective thing you can do to help the person in your life is to LOVE , ACCEPT, and RESPECT them.

Educate – There is HOPE and there is HELP, now more than ever before. Talking about acceptance, whether it is autism or any other causes, and how it plays a large roll in today's society only helps magnify how necessary it is. Let those around know how much you love and accept them as tomorrow is never guaranteed. 

Support - Shop our store to show your level of love and acceptance. 10% of our proceeds go directly to helping families with autism and other causes. As we expand our merchandise, generate more income, we will increase the percentage incrementally and be able to help many more families. 

Share - Give the gift of acceptance by sharing a resourceful site that our Love and Acceptance community can benefit from. Since we established ALVS in 2012, we've learned so much from the Autism community we co-exist in, one thing's for sure Parents are resourceful and show love and support for one another! By sharing a site that has touched you, or contains information our families can benefit from, we all win as knowledge is power. Your suggested sites may prove invaluable to families that would not otherwise know about them. 

*autistic love society's curators reserve the right to accept which recommended sites they post. They will not take payment to post your site to our list, so please do not make that request. The site(s) you recommend should be beneficial to our community and nothing less. Thank you. 




Autism Research Institue

Autism Society

HollyRod Foundation

J.B. Handley blog

National Autism Association